If you are building a site in WordPress one of the main factors to building a successful site is choosing the right theme.

There are numerous alternatives out there! Silverbow

You can purchase free themes, paid themes, blog themes, website themes, custom-made themes, plain themes. Precisely best for your situation? Continue reading to determine some of the standards you’ll want to consider for selecting a great theme for your design.

Step you: Choosing Your Website Type

Before you decide on a theme you must know if you’re creating a blog or a site or a combo of both. Figure this out first and you should have a much easier occasions of your theme search. Once you really know what type of website you will buy will probably be much much easier to choose design you’d like:

blog style
website style
magazine style
squeeze-page style
some blend of the above
Once you know the style you are interested in, then you will want to choose your layout:

single steering column
one sidebar
double sidebar
sidebar on each side
2: Understanding Your Customization Expertise

Here’s a little magic formula – one theme MAY do everything mentioned above.

While that’s true, you might not exactly yet have the skills to truly customise a theme. That’s why step two is essential. Ahead of you go buying a theme you must understand your own talents in WordPress website customization.

Ask yourself the following questions:

May I read and write HTML?
Am I good with creating custom images?
Am i able to modify CSS and PHP files?
Am My spouse and i creative enough to make up my own design?
The answers to these questions will help you decide which of these two choices you should go with for a theme:

A theme that is very custom-made and never very flexible.
A theme which is not very custom-made but very versatile to be completely custom.
Step 3: Choosing Paid out or Free?

If My spouse and i could just give you my easiest advice here I would say go with paid. I know, you’re on a budget and you’re rather do it for free but I’m certain you understand that you get what you pay for!

Free designs are riddled with unpleasant code, commercial links and they’re not support if they break.

Paid designs on the other palm (good paid themes, that is) are cleanly coded (important for SEO), firmly supported, often updated and most designers even provide a support forum where you can talk immediately with other customers using the same theme.

Informed with these details your possibilities of finding a great theme for your business and website will improve stratospherically!

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