All of them are born from the same parent and this is evident by the characteristics together. The chief one of these is opinion in the myths of heaven and hell while the promotion of demons, angels, saints, and multiple gods, are an non-active give-a-way. They use priests to interpret the ‘wishes’ with their gods, and they all preach heck for many who don’t adhere to their rules. Their symbols and rituals are also similar and festivals and banquet days another inherited attribute. is god real?

With so many included one would feel that the real God is in back of them. Well, it is! but not for the issues promoted. The plan was to make a wall, huge and impenetrable that simply cannot be compassed or circumvented. This is the hurdle to cover the Heart of the Universe, even though it is before everyone’s eyes and the actual elephant in the room. 

People are taught to ignore the evident and accept the ridiculous as a test of their sense of spirituality. These who flock to be terrorised by threats of hell and condemnation is they don’t abide by the faith are definitely the garden soil in which the vineyard of God has expanded. As such they are really mentally dead and you can see that on their encounters in addition to the things they experience.

One of the most religious are the first to suffer disease, pain, torture, loss, and a myriad of other activities. They can’t and will not likely notice that what they worship and follow has no connection to the real God. The reason is because the Heart prepared them to work in the children of His home country of israel, the inheritors of the Spirit, and prop them up so that at this time they bloom and are ready for the harvest.

That is the key reason why made use of have no real interconnection to God.

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