For some reason, when the eyes are not producing sufficient cry that are effective to lubricate them, the crying then evaporate so fast that we are confronted with a suffering dried eyes syndrome. These include symptoms like: the causes and symptoms of watery eyes

Sore, aggravating eyes that are delicate to breeze blowing from the fan or air-conditioner.
Blurred vision.
Watery eye as if you have been crying or shredding.
The frequent feeling of having something in your eyes that cause you to rub without doubt.
Redness of the sight, though not always.
Walking around what causes dry eye or why are my eyes so sore and watery? Understanding the triggers will better describe that eye condition, can easily be triggered by anything at all from the climate to hormonal changes… Not negelecting the likelihood of an underlying health problem. 


Production of insufficient and ineffective tears – In the event the eyes are not producing tears sufficiently and effectively containing the right lubricants; or maybe the tears escape too fast–we have the challenge of dry eyes problem.

Hormonal changes associated with ageing, do have a cost on the quality of tears produced. Some women when they reach perimenopause, realize that they no longer tolerate lens.

Browsing from a smartphone as Studies found, can cause eye strain as the eyes have to give attention to the small texts to be able to read.

Cold or warm weather indirectly leads to to this eye condition, as it is the heating or the air-conditioner that is the primary cause in triggering the problem. Heating can make the atmosphere so dry, your eyes eventually become tasty. Likewise, is it doesn’t same for the air-conditioner that produces.

Excessive drinking can be the cause for sore eyes, since it dehydrates the body.

Forgetting eye cosmetic makeup products removal overnight for ladies, can possibly aggravate and cause Blepharitis–a condition when the eyelids become red, enlarged, itchy and the sexy eyelashes become crusty.
Now you are curious and perhaps anxious to really know what is the Remedy for it. Simply no doubt that prevention is preferable to cure, but somehow there are things that need to be remedied, when circumstances do not make them preventable.

Why not check them out here?:

Eye drops like Cry Natural do give much relief to sore and watery eyes, and is applicable topically as often as each one or two hours initially, then slowly but surely reduce to three times daily. Always select additive free products with specific plastic vials, rather than small plastic bottles, that will not cause allergic reaction nor contamination!

Evening Primrose oil can be studied orally as a supplement. In addition, vitamin A which is beta carotene, can be found in peas, wolf-berries, papayas, mangoes and Cod liver oil, are excellent for your eye.

Blink your eyes – Regular blinking is vital for healthy eyes. Keep in mind, that each time you blink, you are relaxing them and cleaning your corneas too.

The 20-20-20 rule – When on a computer, smartphone or a laptop, we usually tend to focus and be “glued” to our smart-tech devices that we ignore to relax our sight for a point in time, to snooze. Try looking up or looking away for 20 seconds at something 20 feet away, for each and every 20 or so minutes… just relax and rest your eyes before returning your gaze at the computer, laptop or smartphone.

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