Together with the 2010 FIFA World Glass South Africa coming on the 11th of August, anyone who follows basketball is starting to accumulate FIFA memorabilia. With the Sony Ericsson Vivaz TIMORE, you will get to have one of these collectibles. With touch screen mobile phone such as this, you will get to take your collection one step further, and you get to take pleasure in the game of football even more. FIFA Mobile Football Hacks

With this excellent addition to the popular Vivaz, you can enjoy all of the ground breaking features plus one added feature. This TIMORE version features a FIFA soccer mobile fan application. Certainly not only is this mobile application exclusive to this version; it also maintains you in the cycle with all the soccer action.

The mobile app gives you updates like goals as they are being scored, the latest FIFA news, and historical football information on previous World Cup football tales. Furthermore, the mobile app is integrated with Fb and Twitter. With this integrated feature, updating your social network profile with these football updates would have been a breeze. Not only will friends and family be jealous; you also reach pass on helpful FIFA information. 

The Sony Ericsson Vivaz TIMORE is not simply about sports. With this touchscreen mobile phone, you get to enjoy 10 EA Athletics mobile games. You also get to enjoy the superiority of an almost eight. 1 MP camera that permits one to track record high definition videos. Together with the phone’s high speed internet capabilities, you can talk about these high quality images and videos on your selected social network when you get or record. If you are the need to share your images and videos with a group, what you just have to do is plug the telephone to an HDTV and let everyone see your expertise.

Aside from the Nokia Ericsson Vivaz FIFA’s organic camera power, you also arrive at enjoy 4x digital zoom, a video light, smile detection, an image stabilizer, Geotagging, autofocus, face detection, and send to web features. This involved camera is truly a marvel in mobile technology.

When music is worried, you may easily plug in compatible headsets and listen closely to your stored paths or listen to the built-in FM radio. Experience free to listen to your chosen tracks, the latest hits, or your chosen DISC JOCKEY. You can apply all of this while you follow the latest score of your selected team.

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