First of all let me say, I actually is not referring to the game named “life”.

I am referring to the game of true to life, and believe me, it is more of a game you realize. Of course, it is nothing at all to trivialize since it carries with it the onus of quite serious consequences should you play it recklessly with no consideration for the ultimate outcome, but unlike other parlor games, you can lose at the game of life, unless of course, you consider eventual loss of life as losing. last day on earth survival hack

For that matter, the game of life is loaded in your benefit, and unlike the panel game, in the real game of life, on deeper levels, you are unable to lose, although on the surface life may seem to be pointless and hopeless. 

You commence the game of life, not sometime after your physical birth, when you are actually given birth to, and not only that, physical birth is an illusion that you agree to and will honor for some time as soon as you acquire and activate a completely functioning physical body. Inside sense, the illusion is real, but only within your world reality, but were you viewing your reality system from in other places in the universe, you’d be better with amazed to find that it will not exist.

Your physical person is something you will use if you are centered the world of subject, however you should remember, you invariably is an identity, not a body. You borrow your body, materializing it from earth elements and once you are done with it, you will return it to the earth, a symbolic realization that your consciousness is not based mostly on a physically qppeared form and a knowledge that your body will be applied by other consciousness in constructing other physical varieties in the future.

Mind existed ahead of the first compound of physical matter was formed, and in reality, the first particle of physical matter was produced by consciousness, not the other way around.

You can expect to continue to exist the same in about any way after death only that you will own a different sort of kind of body, a body without the familiar physical characteristics, without weight or bulk, yet a body appearing just as real and useful as the past physical body. You will preserve your memories, your feelings, your acquired knowledge and wisdom. You may not retain the physical stuff of the previous personality. And the past ego will go its own way as a completely new personality is formed.

I have mentioned this before and will so again, since it is not well understood even among those who know the real truth about reincarnation. When the newly reincarnated personality is ready for rebirth back in the physical world, each of the aforementioned traits are maintained, but the previous spirit withdraws and a completely new ego is created around the retained identification, still possessing many of those same traits of the previous personality.

You are not your physical body, you just work out as planned one to be used manipulating in the physical world. If perhaps it were not with this miraculous ability of awareness to cause the excitedly pushing and acquisition of atoms, cells and molecules, you would be flitting around the world naked, lacking cellular structure in a dreamlike body with form but not substance and you could possibly be included in an actuality show about ghost hunters.

It is important that I make clear you happen to be not now, never were and not will be your physical body, and albeit, I won’t be able to for the life span of me personally see why a persons competition tends to pay a lot attention to and so much of your hard earned treasure preparing, worshiping and disposing of a pile of discarded physical matter after death, totally devoid of its enquête consciousness and vacant of identity.

Once you have begun assembling a new body, meaning when you have started to accrete a proper physical form while still a fetus in your moms womb, the game of life has already began a long time before, and you might be tempted to believe your occurrence in the womb is your first life experience, but that would be an incorrect assumption, and here My spouse and i must clear up something that is quite important to understand.

There are two different origins for a newly created unborn child and this life experience will be greatly motivated by which is the case for every single new personality. First, let me eliminates basic options since we will not be too involved with this beginning origin at this time, other than to note it in passing.

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