Structure is the art of designing and constructing structures and other physical buildings. Architecture can be as old as human history since it is the basic need of a man. Architecture is a symbol of the history, culture, customs, technology and climate of the nation. In simple ages man was used to are in caves but with the passage of time trends changed. Since “necessity is the mom of invention” individuals began to make houses composed of stones to protect themselves from extreme climatic conditions and also from untamed animals. New innovations and new trends prevailed and human beings started to make houses with stones consisting of mud, then they started baking these stones to get them to much more robust to protect themselves from other natural disasters.

Right up until now, many of the artists and great philosophers have defined architecture but it has no stationary definition. It is the art which is straight focused on all human creatures because a man alternatively rich or poor, large or short or may are in any section of the world has to face structures in his lifetime. That cannot be avoided rather we want it or not. Bill Morris defined architecture as the “molding and switching to the human needs of the very face from the earth itself. ” According to Ruben Rustin, is it doesn’t art for all to learn because all are concerned with it. It is damaged by climate, culture, technology and needs of the society. Architecture of the country highly depicts the flavour of its people. Structures is also considered as frozen music. Sir Holly Watson says that buildings is commodity, firmness and delight. geometra Giovanni Riva

Greek architecture is considered since several primitive structure and durable too. In Greek architecture mostly Parthenon (Parthenon of Athens) and temples are included. This kind of is also considered as one of the magic worldwide. Greeks mostly used stone carvings and the philosophy behind all their architecture is to make some place for praise. Ancient architecture mostly include stone carving, wood chiselling and almost all of the development work is completed by human being hand which made it so unique. Almost all of the structures are symmetrical where replication of design and habits can be seen. Likewise Roman, Gothic, Egyptian and Indian architecture is an elegant sort of historical architecture. It lets all of us know all about the culture, climate and customs of these civilizations. That seems that much hard work and struggle has been exerted to build these buildings. Materials used in these buildings are mainly natural like stone, pebble, sand, wood etc. Duplication of ideas and materials could be seen in ancient architecture due to absence of technology. 

With the passage of time new inventions in neuro-scientific technology, chemistry and many other scientific fields are done. Many of the new materials have been released by the architects and chemists produced artificially at low cost. Today’s structure is the blend of structuralism, formalism, high technology, expressionism and neo expressionism. Fast growing industries and professionalism give birth to modern architecture which is simple less ornamental but maximum people-oriented. Modern buildings is rich in ideas and abstract ideas to it. With the increasing complexity in architecture it is further divided into various branches. Environmental dangers are most hot concern today that’s why are usually are trying to create designs that happen to be environment friendly. Many of the are usually gave stress on oriental building sustainable designs among them Sim Van der Ryn (1960), Ian Mc Harg (1970) UK and Brenda and Robert Bono from UK and Fresh Zea land are most famous. Architects are actually creating building which are self-sufficient in all energy requirements. Dynamic Towers is the famous modern building which is good sort of sustainable architecture which will be powered by drinking water turbines and solar energy to fulfill its energy requirements.

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