Friends and family run trucking companies show up into two categories just like most family run enterprises. There are those that are large and have a number of trucks that provide express, national or international transportation services. There are also smaller companies which may have one or two trucks, often multi-generational, with aspirations of expanding or remaining a compact procedure. Just look at the names of many of the huge trucking companies and it is not hard to see how family possessed businesses in this industry will not be in the community. הובלות קטנות בכפר סבא

Like many sectors of our economy today, transportation companies coming from all sizes and ownership combinations have more challenges to remaining in business now than they were doing in times past. Fuel prices are higher, insurance prices are higher and more and more youngsters is moving from children owned business into a company type of job. Kids will no longer see the family business because their business, and they may decide to copy to a different type of career or go after another lifestyle which is not as demanding. 

The small family run transportation company has more than its share of issues, but this shouldn’t lead to the computerized predictions that small family transportation companies are on the decline. In fact, in the United States, small trucking companies are the backbone of the transportation industry. Based on the American Vehicles Research Institute 88% of all trucking companies in the United States have fewer than 6 vans on the road. Whilst there is not a specific information on “family owned” it is affordable to assume that these companies are mostly owned or operated by one person, while the large companies with more than 20 vans, the corporate companies, make up only 4% of the total number.

Awarded, those 4% of the trucking companies are the cause of a huge percentage of the overall vehicles on the road. That isn’t hard to imagine this if you take somewhat of time and look at the art logos on the side of truck and trailer devices when you are on an interstate or traveling through a city. Yet, if you are also astute and observant you will notice that a good percentage of the trucks aren’t from these major carrier companies.

A single thing that is straightforward to determine is that small businesses of each type have taken a huge hit due to recession. In 2008 almost 5 percent of the little trucking businesses went under, which accounted for about 88, 000 fewer vehicles traveling. While this may sound huge when you look at those quantities, this is not atypical of family owned businesses in any other sector. Numbers from the Census Bureau as well as the Bureau of Work force,, labor force Statistic in the Unified States indicate that on a whole no more than 45% of new businesses panoramic are still in business 5 years after they start up.

According to the U. S Small Organization Administration (SBA), in general small business actually account for a growing chunk of the economy and still have doubled their hiring from 4 to 8 million people since the early part of the 1990s. While many close down, those who make it through tend to thrive and grow, absolutely no different than precisely what is seen in the small family owned trucking business. Family owned business coming from all types, including trucking companies, make up about 1 / 2 of all the US GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

So what makes a family owned trucking company likelihood more viable than the somewhat dismal figures on other types of family run companies? A single consideration could be the very characteristics of trucking and truck drivers. People that become owner/operators typically have a good mindset about the industry and have years of experience earning a living for a greater company before they part out. Most people may wake up one early morning and decide to be an owner/operator; they work up through the industry until they have the feeling and knowledge to reach out on their own.

Name brand recognition is also a major factor in the permanent viability of family owned trucking companies. Often the owner is very particular about the types of drivers and even the quality of trucks they put on the road. When clients have the option of dealing with a huge company and constantly revolving drivers and trucks or a company they know by name and sight, the reliable company wins every time. Small family owned businesses with employees that really care can have a huge impact on the partnership between hauler and client that offsets the slightly less expensive to the consumer of doing business with large trucking company.

So, while all family run businesses have troubles, a well-run, well-organized and well-staffed smaller family transportation business has as good chance of making earlier those critical first five years. The pride that each person has in the company is evident and impossible to miss in those companies that make the grade; and certainly short of many of those that don’t.

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