At any time wonder if there’s a secret to a getting a smooth shave? A key to keeping the outer skin smooth, silky and clear?

Well, there is.

Learning what causes razor protrusions and understanding what to do to prevent them: gowns the secret.

We humans are furry creatures. In almost every part of our body, we have special pores called “hair follicles. ” These locks follicles are where our hair grows. Fortunately, there are several exceptions-the soles of our feet, our palms, and our mucous membranes (such within our mouths) are hair-free. Apart from that, hair follicles are everywhere, which is the first problem. Mainly because when we shave, whatever part of our body we’re shaving, we can injure our hair follicles.

how to get rid of red bumps after shaving

The second is actually that we have bacteria living across us. Of course, we can’t see them-but as many as two hundred different varieties of incredibly tiny creatures live on our skin. Shaving causes small cuts inside our skin, and can cause tiny reductions to our hair roots, too. Once we’ve made those cuts, the bacteria living on our skin have a way to get inside the head of hair follicle.

With waxing, we have ingrown frizzy hair when the end of the hair that remains “springs back, ” and curls backward into the hair follicle. Then, once the hair starts to grow, it grows below our skin, rather than approaching through the surface. Since the head of frizzy hair continues to grow, the hair follicle gets more irritated. Even though this is an ingrown curly hair, the resulting rash is actually we sometimes a shaver bump.

But razor humps and ingrown hairs are just two types of hair bumps.

Remember, we have very much bacterias living on the skin we have. And there are several ways bacteria can make the way past the skin we have. Waxing is one way-the very small cuts from our shaver leave an open door for bacteria to get within our hair follicles. When this happens, our follicles of hair are not only agitated, but they’re infected, too. The red, pimple-like allergy that develops is sometimes called “hair bumps. very well The technical term for this is “folliculitis, inches which means inflammation of the head of locks follicle. (Call it whatever you like; it’s still not sexy. ) Mainly because we now have hair follicles just about everywhere, we can wind up with folliculitis almost anyplace.

Shaving is one of the key ways to cause it, but there other causes, too. Thus, while shaving may have started the whole process, what we call shaver bumps could also be an ingrown hair, or an infected hair hair foillicle (folliculitis).

Here’s one simple way to avoid shaver bumps: don’t shave. A single of the best alternatives is to instead use a cream or cream specifically designed to lightly remove unwanted hair. These kinds of products are depilatories, and they can be real problem solvers… if you occur to decide on the right one. Shaving is another option, but waxing is painful and can be traumatic to the skin-enough to enable you to breeze up with folliculitis and ingrown hairs as a result.

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