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When I first saw the cover of the game in addition to a brief description and photographs of the components, I was immediately intrigued to play it. It seemed attractive too, as Cuba is very a long way away from my country (I stay in Greece) and that just brings to the exotic and mystery atmosphere for which the country is commemorated. Let’s go through some fundamental information about gameplay: battle bay cheat

In Santiago de Barrica you are a broker in metropolis of Santiago, the second most significant city of Cuba. Your goal is to make earnings by making deals with the locals and browsing (or even buying) structures in order to accumulate goods and load them to the ships emerging in the city’s slot. Available goods are: sugars cane (white) lemon or lime (orange), tobacco (green), rum (red), cigars (black) and wood. On the game board there are 12 building tiles, which are always shuffled when setting up the game and then located on the proper boxes in the outskirts of the city. There are also dokuz Cubans who will help you out and are generally shuffled and allocated randomly on the dokuz boxes in the middle of the game plank. A street runs in front of the Cubans in a loop. An auto, employed by all players, will travel through this streets and its particular 10 stops (stars), one for every single of the Cubans and a stop at the port (yellow star). 

You will find 7 cruise ships that will reach the city’s port one after the other and for every single one, the type and quantity of goods it accepts to carry are determined by rolling 5 colored dice and choosing 4 of them to set on the ship. Colour of the dice shows the sort of good and the quantity, the quantity required. Right now there is a value sign on the board in front of the vessel, indicating the quantity of victory details you receive for every single good delivered to the mail (2, 3 or 4 victory points). This sign is in the beginning set to 2 and for every single time the car passes from the port (yellow star) without stopping there the marker is moved one flag to the right. However if the sign moves from the value 4 to the checkered flag, the ship leaves immediately even if really not full. Each vessel has all items packed, it leaves the dock and another one occurs.

At the beginning of the game, buildings and Cubans tiles are shuffled and put on the board, each player selects a color and the first player is determined. Each player is dealt out 3 coins (pesos), 2 victory points and one sugar cane, one citrus fruit fruit and one smoking cigarettes. All goods and money are hidden behind special player screens. The car is located at the port and the first ship arrives. The player to the right of the first player progresses the five dice to look for the boats cargo. Each round a player must use the auto to go to a location moving clockwise by moving as many “star” spaces they like. The particular first step to a new place is free. For every space beyond the first one, the player must pay 1 peso. By preventing in front of a Cuban, you usually get goods, money or success points. Then you immediately visit one of the buildings of the color indicated by the rose icon on the Cuban’s tile. In buildings, players do certain actions that help them advance hanging around such as exchange many types of goods, get success points or load goods to the ship. By simply stopping on the green star (last stop in the loop, port) players trigger a delivery circular, during which all players can deliver goods to the ship. Players get victory points (the exact number is indicated by the value marker pointed out earlier) for loading the ship. Wood can regularly be loaded to the mail rather than any one other good but players obtain just one victory point for each and every wood loaded. The game ends when all several ships leave the interface. At that point any remaining goods are altered into victory points (1 vp for each and every 3 goods) and victory points are counted. The player with the most victory factors, is the winner.

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