Later on there will be online and mobile voting programs and this will be the way all boule are cast. Of course, until then, people need to be duplicate systems so that folks can still do it the way – mail-in or heading to an actual polling place. Still during that interim, we must make sure that folks do not vote twice or multiple times. We have to be careful also for cracking and other types of voter fraud. Obviously, during this last 2016 President Election there was converse of a number of improprieties and voting anomalies. Some conspiracy theory driven, some factual, and yes, some against the law extraterrestrials voted, some dead people cast their ballots and many voted multiple times, and who knows maybe there were some backroom computer fraud going on for one prospect yet another in some polling places throughout the nation. buy online votes

Not long ago, we discussed this future at our Suspect Tank, and fellow thinker Cody Hunt explained some of the challenges and potential solutions to these issues;

“If you could work it out in the automated system in order that the iphone app and the physical polls work on the same system so that each person is merely allowed to vote once than I think it would work beautifully and anyone who noesn’t need the software could use the physical polls but not be permitted to vote again on the iphone app and visa-versa. inch

Cody also thought that creation of such a system would make it possible to positively identify the consumer in the same way buying programs do. This kind of would be akin to the guidelines in some says where voters must have ID to vote, or they will not be allowed to cast their ballots.

It was also discussed that such an software must show ‘proof of citizenship’ to prevent non-citizens from casting an online vote. Once this occurred the voting would significantly speed up and the voter turnout would increase drastically simply as a result of ease of use – voting software would surely solve voter apathy issues.

Indeed, I really could not concur more that this would certainly turn out the political election, and the participation rate would be quite strong, which is a good thing, since in the usa, “WE OWN THE GOVERNMENT” and it might also be a faster way to bring about change when the country was transferring what the people believed was your wrong course. Now then, as long as we can prevent cheating – then we have to immediately implement such something to vote in America. Please consider all this.

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