Choosing care of prepping that gets a lot of mention, but not very many in-depth articles or posts, is prepping for the whole family. We all see a lot of preppers that prep for themselves and their kids but not many are prepping for longer family, elderly parents, aunts, future uncles, grandparents or pets. This kind of oversight can lead to disaster in the event of a major catastrophe or SHTF event. prepping

In response for this I have decided to post a shorter article with a few easy to follow items in regards to family prepping.

Prep for Everybody

It is very easy, and relatively common, for folks to discount their prolonged loved ones when prepping. We myself have approached several members of my prolonged family with prepping information just to have them giggle or scoff openly about my “Chicken Little” inclinations. I am happy to report that some of the family members are now full fledged preppers and play essential roles in my prepping strategies, but still others hold out against it. 

I said a similar thing that many of you said, “Well, if they aren’t willing to prepare, I can’t prep for them and they are generally just clips outta luck when the SHTF”. Unfortunately that basically a logical or sensible answer in the long term. I know i would have a very hard time turning away a family member in need, particularly if it could mean their demise. Certainly, right now I may easily cut them loose and write them off, in a real event My spouse and i do not think it would be possible.

I decided to redouble my efforts seeking to plan for them even if they no longer want me to do so. If they never show up, I have extra preps. If they do show up, We are not overburdened. Obviously, as a homestead preppers this is easier done that if I were a bunker prepper.

Ready for Grandpa and granny

Grandma and Grandpa may be in your readying plans, and if they can be you will need to ensure plenty of things. Your prepping plan will need to take their nutritional, medicinal, sanitary, physical and mobility needs into consideration. Obviously some aged folks are much easier to prepare for than others, sadly we cannot select our family members. You will need to add specific foods and herbs to your gardens and you will probably need to research which herbal remedies can be used in place of common medications for pain, swelling, joint disease, etc. Prepping for the aged will also require quite a lttle bit more knowledge in regards to first aid and nutrition.

Most likely one of the most challenging parts of prepping for the elderly is organizing others in the family for a lifetime with Grandma and Grandpa in a global without a lot of the features of modern society. I actually wont go into great detail here but just understand that to get elderly clean and healthy might be a task not softly undertaken. One must also consider the issue of working with Grandpa and granny when their time has passed. This will be a rather difficult time both physically and emotionally, just as it is now.

Prep for House animals

Fido and Mr. Whiskers aren’t prepping for financial collapse or the Yellowstone Super Volcano. It’s a safe gamble the only planning they are really doing consists of whatever it is they are currently doing. The job as masters of the home and owners of the pets is to get ready for them. Their very own needs are simple when compared to kids and old people, but don’t let that simplicity make you sacrifice quality on their preps.

Spot is a good dog. They can help you carry stuff, guard your shelter and protect your family. He can also help you hunt and is absolutely good at aiding people relax. The advantages that Fido brings to the table are numerous and you ought to consider that when preparing for him. Don’t use a SHTF event to change his foods, this individual won’t like that and it could make him depressed. Make sure his favorites are packed away for that horrible day. Also be sure to bring a few of his gadgets, some snacks and a blanket for him to sleep on at evening. Dogs are extremely resistant and easily adapt to change, but he will react to the stress all others is under, so why don’t we not add to his troubles.

Mr. Whiskers is another type of beast altogether. This individual won’t hunt for you, he won’t carry nearly anything for both you and he won’t protect you. He will however provide a sense of normalcy and calm in the face of an usually overwhelming event. Cats are amazing stress reduction tools and seem to be to determine when you need them to snuggle you or purr in your ear. That is exceedingly hard to remain upset when a cat climbs up in your lap.

Mr. Whiskers won’t travel well most likely. Make sure to help him with this by including things that he knows and is in love with. Any local vet will also have some meds that can help Mr. Whiskers travel. Make sure you have his favorite baby blanket or sleeping mat. Produce sure you have some toys and his favorite foods and snacks. Retain him happy and he could make up for the scratches you are likely to get when snatching him up on just how out.

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