On the other hand like to joke with careless sayings such as “When second count, the police are just minutes away”, there is some truth to it in the case opf fireplace, biohazard incidents, chemical splatters or an accidental release of toxic gases. When ever the alarm goes off sounding that an car accident has happened in your area or smoke commences to enter your work environment, there may well not be time to get to an urgent situation PPE Equipment Station. Possibly worse, the emergency may be between you, the station and the only exit from the building.  website

The moment that happens, the best, immediate protection you have is going to be the Personal Escape Face mask that can be taken around your neck, in a handbag or store in a desk bathroom drawer. Ideally, it will now need to meet the OSHA criteria for Air Purifying Break free Respirators (APERs) and become light enough to comfortably wear in what is heading to be an aggressive environment while you are looking to get out with your life. 

APERs standards were developed to ensure a set of requirements for any manufacturers to follow and that purchasers from organizations to individuals could quickly understand. Among the conditions that APERs had to meet were field of view, resistance to fogging, chemical permeation, functional design, ease of donning and shelf life. This became especially important after the 9/11 attacks when private businesses commenced looking for protective gear for their employees that could be easily and safely used with almost no training.

To get the most part though, staff are much more likely to become injured through professional accidents. Most of those injuries will be to the breathing and due to inhalation of smoke, toxic gases from chemical spills or polluted air from an organic hazard.

The Personal Get away Mask is a small, single user piece of PPE equipment. A person can quickly don the mask to escape from a local hazard. This is fashioned with an adaptable neck that fits comfortably, protecting the mouth, nasal area and lungs as well as the eyes. A Personal Escape Mask is intended as an just one time, one-use piece of urgent equipment to get people out of the unsafe area alive also to a safe, hopefully pre-determined appointment point.

As you choose protective masks for fumes and smoke to purchase, you should remember the following features: Weight and Simple Design.

Weight – A good mask will be compact and light. There are numerous of masks that can fit into a carrying pouch that can hang around the throat or easily slide into a zippered pocket in a binder. There are several markers that weight as little as seven ounces.

Straight forward design – There should be only four parts:

A rubber hood that is impermeable to smoke cigarettes and gases. It should become resistant to both fire and high temperature ranges.

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