Stand up to speed on some of the terminology used to describe natural curly hair. Here are some frequently used words that you will probably hear or read as you delve much deeper into the world of kinky, curly hair. A lot of words will vary connotations, depending on regions where they are being used or preferences. Reading on for our undertake natural hair vocabulary words. Natural Hair Styles

Big Chop – A major chop is the action of cutting a significant portion of the curly hair. Usually the hair is cut down to the new growth. People who have relaxed hair or damaged hair might choose do a huge chop, or drastically cut their brain of hair to remove the relaxer and also the broken parts. Also referred to as the “BC”.

Braids – Typically braids can include cornrows or plaits of all sizes. Braids are formed with 3 strands of hair, that are intertwined in a specific pattern.

Braid-out – A braid-out is a style in which plaits or cornrows are removed from the head of frizzy hair, leaving behind a crimped pattern.

Cornrows – Once hair is braided in such a way that the braids are fastened to the scalp, the style is called cornrows. They are sometimes, but not always, vertical.

Co-washing – Washing the curly hair using conditioner rather than wash. Co-washing is recommended as a method of retaining moisture in the hair. Hair is washed and rinsed in the same way you are likely to use shampoo.

Curl Design – The condition or “pattern’ of your natural hair. Curl patterns change. Some hair is securely coiled with a “z” condition pattern. Some habits are similar to small, tightly coiled spirals, while other patterns range from loose spirals to surf. Stylist Andre Walker developed a system that describes each curl pattern. Find out about curl patterns including assistance with identifying your pattern here.

Dreadlocks – A method through which hair in their natural state is turned and in order to matte along, creating a tightly weaved, often rope-like hairstyle.

Toned twists – These changes are attached to your head. They are similar to cornrows, nevertheless they are formed with two strands of frizzy hair rather than three.

Hair Stretches – Method that allows you to add span to natural hair by releasing some of the natural coils. Braids, plaits, twists, a blow drier on low heat targeted at the hair origins may be used to stretch kinky curly curly hair. Additionally, there are products that can be used to increase the curl pattern for many who want more length.

Locs – Short for Dreadlocks

Shingling – Applying refresher, oil, or curl understanding cremes or gels to freshly washed natural curly hair, then using your hands, comb, or a comb to gently stretch and define the curl design of natural hair while the hair is still wet. There are different schools of thought as to whether you should use your fingers only, or a comb or brush. Some individuals swear by Denman brushes so as to bring out maximum curl description in natural hair, and some prefer by using a wide dental comb or maybe their fingertips.

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