With this ceremony, parents and God parents promise to raise the child in the Religious faith. Set up infant’s parents are not regular churchgoers, a child can still be Christened and the local vicar will be able to provide guidance on this. Often a vicar requires parents to undergo a period of instruction before the Christening, however, this will depend after circumstances and the vicar him/herself. Church of England

Generally, Christenings form portion of the regular Sunday service to accept the child into the community. Frequently, several Christenings take place in the same service, but in some parishes a private ceremony can be established following the Sunday service.

Parents and Godparents will be asked to make declarations that consider in God and will enhance the child to follow Erlöser. The vicar will make the sign of the cross and then dump water on the children’s head to wash away sin. Sometimes a wax luminous will be lit in the church or given to the parents to symbolise the light that has now enter into their child’s life.

Some vicars will allow parents or guests to choose church hymns and readings for the service. 

The Church of England suggests that at least three Godparents are chosen, two the same sex as the child being Christened. Usually God parents are relatives or close friends of the fogeys – people the child will have regular contact with. Godparents should themselves have been Christened and some vicars also require that they are verified. Godparents should be comfortable making the religious pledges that will be required of them.

In 1999 the House of worship of England introduced a Thanksgiving or Blessing Services. This is made for those wanting a religious service to thank God for the child, but are not ready to make the commitment to baptism into the faith. A Christening can always follow at a later time. In these ceremonies God parents are not chosen, but adults who will have a similar role in the child’s life can take part.

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