Presented about 2 decades back again, laser hair removal treatment is now widely accepted by dermatologists as a safe and effective technique of removing unwanted hair from small and large areas of the body. Laserlight treatment is also approved by the US Fda (FDA). NovaPele Med Spa

Today, laser treatment will be preferred over other techniques of hair removal because of its speed and efficiency. To get effective results also to ensure safety, you should get the laser skin treatment conduced by a skilled and experienced professional. Laser beam treatment is extremely popular for removal of unwanted body hair from the face, underarms, legs, pubic area, back, chest, abdominal and shoulders. 

How does indeed laser remedy work?

In laser hair removal remedy, carry on your workout, pulsating beam of focused laser light energy is passed through the skin targeting dark color, called melanin, in curly hair. The intensive heat of laser light burns the hair follicle creating long term damage and thereby inhibits the growth of new hair. Laser does not heat or damage the surrounding skin.

Laser treatment is not a long term method of hair removal as many people claim it to be. Yet , it does indeed keep unwanted body at bay for several several weeks and even years entirely.

Comparison with electrolysis

Electrolysis is yet another popular method of hair removing that has been around for more than a hundred years. Discussed below are distinctions between laser beam remedy and electrolysis treatment.

-Method of treatment – Electrolysis is an intrusive technique in which a needle penetrates deep through skin in the curly hair follicle whilst laser is a non-invasive technique. In this method, only light energy can be used for curly hair removal

-Time taken – Electrolysis consumes more hours than laser treatment as it treats single hair hair follicle at a time. Laser beam on the other side, targets dozens of hair follicles simultaneously and hence requires less time. Small methods may only require a single session

-Re-treatment – Since electrolysis destroys a follicle permanently, a cured hair follicle is not to be treated again. In case of lazer, if a follicle cured with laser light commences to grow hair in due course, you might have to treat the same follicle again

-Effectiveness – The FDA currently allows the term “Permanent Curly hair Removal” for electrolysis. This is effective on all hair colors unlike laserlight. On the other palm studies prove that laser beam hair removal is faster, less painful and more reliable hair removal treatment than electrolysis but is effective for only some hair colors.

Parameters that affect the consequence of laserlight treatment

Since light is absorbed better by dark objects, laser remedy is most effective with dark coarse hair. Mild skin and dark frizzy hair are a great combination, however new laser machines are now able to concentrate on dark black hair even in patients with darker skin. Besides, the skill and connection with the professional matters a whole lot in the matter of laser treatment.

Quantity of sessions necessary for laser hair removal

To achieve effective results, multiple sessions of laser treatments may be required. The quantity of sessions count on various factors such as area of the body cured, skin color, coarseness of hair and gender. Besides, hair grows in several phases and laser treatment is just effective in the growth phase. Several lessons are needed to remove all hair in levels of growth. Normally 5-7 sessions may be required to make an area completely hair-free but the volume of sessions may increase to as many as 12 sessions of curly hair treatment.

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