Through this corner of England, the castles in Kent are arguably among this country’s most plentiful and architecturally impressive heritage sites, and none have more historical importance than Dover Citadel. In June 2011, Dover Castle unveiled a new exhibition called ‘Wartime Passageways Uncovered’ which teaches site visitors about the key military role the Kent castle has held throughout the age ranges. napoleon castle 1

As well as checking out the magnificent castle itself – which is bigger than other castles in Kent – you can view pluie, tragic wartime memorabilia, skin flick footage from the 2nd Community War, photographs and real life testimonials in the underground exhibition, so it can definitely worth a visit. The exhibition even has a notebook on display by Paddy Jenner, a woman who was based in Dover Castle for the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps from 1912 to 1941, featuring her poems, paintings, and stories written during that time. 

Dover Citadel is rare among Kent castles for the reason that as well as being the most well-known fortress in England it has also proved to be a significant armed forces vantage point in fending off Hitler during Community War II. In truth, this Kent castle has many tunnels which started in the Middle Age range but were expanded throughout the Napoleonic Wars, with Vice Admiral Ramsey appropriating them as secret wartime passageways during the war hard work.

Dover Castle subsequently became crucial in the success of Operation Dynamo, the evacuation of troops from Dunkirk in France in 1940. Before long, beneath Dover’s impregnable Kent fortress, a military telephone exchange was also set up, along with an subterranean hospital for wounded United kingdom fighter pilots and military.

In your entry cost to Dover Castle you can explore these passageways and see these mid-19th century artefacts for your self in the new exhibition. This kind of will grant you an event which no other castles in Kent can match in this it illustrates how Dover has truly been at the front of history the recent 2, 000 years, before the present day.

With the new ‘Wartime Passageways Uncovered’ exhibition, you can use explore never-before-seen regions of the underground tunnels which have never been opened to the population, so even if you’ve gone to the Kent castle before, you’re likely to see something brand-new.

In summary, this event provide you with a greater appreciation for essential Dover Castle truly is to the people of Kent and the financial debt of gratitude america is in debt for to how the Kent castle has stood organization in the face of seemingly unsurmountable military chances. The other Kent castles do indeed have a special place in the county’s heart and are well worth visiting, but a trip to Dover Castle is bound to be an eye-opener.

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