Since the race to achieve corporate productivity at the global level forges forward and new tools to help us perform and deliver on the higher simple continue to emerge on the horizon, instant messengers made for workplace communication are slowly but surely obtaining the attention they truly deserve.

Prompt messengers, also called instant office messengers, office instant messengers and business messengers, fit to an unique category of office productivity applications that permit members of your workforce to hook up with the other person both individually and collectively. The communication is facilitated using text-based conversation much like Google’s GTalk, AOL Instant Messenger, or Yahoo Messenger with a significant difference. These first technology instant messengers are designed largely for personal and informal one-to-one communication. Prompt messengers specially made for enterprises, on the other hand, are loaded with a wide spectrum of features and attributes specifically tailored for workplace communication some of which include the ability to:¬†

Hook up employees using login and password credentials across geographies 
Transfer files including large multimedia files and directories
Function seamlessly without LOCAL AREA NETWORK or WAN dependencies by connecting directly through the Internet
Send and acquire bite-sized content in the form of small documents and instructions using the sticky note feature
Carry out online conferences and gatherings
Check the status of your colleagues (online vs . offline)
Supplement chat text messages with smileys and emoticons
Generate, distribute and repository chat transcripts in order to keep records and keep paper trails
And we have kept the best for the last!
Office Communication in a completely Secure and Encrypted environment

Instant messengers for businesses allow employees within an organization to communicate readily without the privacy concerns in a completely safe and secure environment regardless of the scale the firm. This is accomplished using 256 bit SSL cryptology similar to what finance institutions, payment gateways, brokerage properties and insurance companies release to protect their data privacy. All your place of work communication is encrypted in both directions while in transit and cannot be decoded even if blocked. Thus corporate intelligence is fully protected behind the corporate firewall.

Security-enabled Document Transfers

256 bit SSL encryption is also expanded to files that are transferred and shared among employees nearly the same as the way attachments are transmitted across the enterprise. Your employees and colleagues can both send and receive Surpass sheets, charts, graphs, secret employee performance reports and multimedia files without the panic about intrusion or data compromise. Some messengers even enable you to set accord and access levels in such a way that admins are not able to either look at or intercept data being shared through the secure file transfer protocol.

SSL Certificate Improvements

SSL qualification providers such as VeriSign, Comodo while others constantly work to innovate through research and the purchase of technology milestones. These advancements are reflected instantly in the quality and level of encryption delivered by these messengers who count, in part, on these services to deliver SSL cryptology.

Enhanced Security in the Cloud

Many of the subscription-based companies for these messengers use the cloud to deliver messages services to their clients. Since both the app and the associated data reside in the impair, it is protected with an added layer of information security that is specific to the foriegn. Hence the 360 level security blanket, which many subscription-based business messenger services receive, is unparalleled. Put to the mix the other benefits associated with the foriegn such as resilience, redundancy and multi-level disaster restoration, and you have a truly professional productivity tool that can transcend your expectations in the business communication realm.

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