For each and every organization information is the most essential part. Nowadays a day the most challenging job for each corporation is Information Security. Whenever we say Information Security this means Information Security in Net. information security

Now a day’s efficiency improvements and competitiveness are being driven by the networked enterprise organizations linking up, communicating and doing business instantly with customers, partners and suppliers anywhere they are located. Yet at the same time, today’s business environment is also seen as a risk and uncertainty. Customers, shareholders and partners are understandably inserting a premium on businesses that are secure and protected. Every organization must cope up with daily threats such as malware attacks, basic human problems and security policy observance. Security should be designed to minimize and control the impact of individuals errors, harness the strength of leading products and technologies but must also be carefully crafted, integrated and underpinned by rigorous procedures.

A great effective corporate security strategy will be judged on well it protects the value producing assets of one’s organization. Including people, information, processes, technology, systems, networks and buildings corporations need to accept extensive policies and process:

1) Strategic risk and weakness assessment across the organization.

2) Deployment of strong IT and network facilities.

3) Contingency and restoration plans to reduce the impact of disruption

4) Regular training, rehearsal and audit.

If one gets these elements right it will work good on the way to reaping the advantages of running a secure and protested business. Implementing the right technical alternatives is vital, but considerably from sufficient. In this area there is also a great demand of skilled people to help in the event of the crisis along with having the right procedures and processes. This can be a only way to ensure that risk is being properly managed.

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