“Love is everything. It is the key to life, and its influences are the ones that move the world. ”

-Ralph Waldo Trine

“Interdependence is and ought to be as much the right of man as self-sufficiency. Guy is a social being. ”

-Mohandas K. Gandhi Getting Back With Ex After Long Time of Break Up

My Integrative Intuitive Therapies work with clients in the last fifteen-plus years has given me the bird’s-eye view of relationships and the dynamics involved in them from an energetic point of view.¬†

One of the areas by which We had early glimpses of such realizations and lessons in energy is that of relationships, especially romantic interactions. It goes without declaring that relationships are incredibly important to almost all of us and represent an extremely important aspect of our human being experience, as Trine and Gandhi above so articulately expressed it. So of course most clients would like information on this area of their lives.

We’ve looked at many, many relationships over the previous several years, including those a client was linked to at the time of a session, those from a client’s past, and future relationships. I’ve also looked at nonromantic human relationships, including those with friends, parents, children, other family members, work colleagues, and so on. I have increasingly gained insight into how human relationships work (and why they do act on times and often do not work) and what the instrumental or contributing factors to the dynamics operative in this aspect of our lives may be. Above time, I slowly but surely noticed several factors that we feel influence the dynamics and viability of relationships.

Vibration of Energies

“The getting together with of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any response, both are transformed. inch

-Carl Jung

“Relationships are just like a move, with obvious energy sporting back and forth between partners. ”

-Colette Dowling

Early on in looking at romantic relationships I actually was mostly sensing how people’s energies resonated – or didn’t resonate well – and how that energetic resonance between the two of them afflicted both the dynamics of the relationship and the positive or negative aspects of what the people in the relationship were experiencing. Some people’s powers resonated quite well. Various other people’s energies simply abraded.

For example, I’ve seen relationships in which one person’s energy was overpowering the other’s energy. This kind of often brings about the second option person feeling overwhelmed and powerless or constrained, certainly not a pleasurable way to feel in a romance. I’ve also seen human relationships in which one personal energy is warm and expansive and the other person’s energy is much cooler or indifferent and/or shortened or narrow. This is also a bad connection of energies. As showing as these dynamics of one’s resonances were, My spouse and i came to learn in time, nevertheless , that there were factors involved other than just the reverberation of energies that added to whether relationships were good, workable, or true partners or “soul friends. “

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