When ever did you last take up references from a flooring contractor, before imparting him a contract? In this era of multimedia, digital cameras and digital editing, disguising the facts has never been easier. The majority of contractors are normal, honest companies, but flooring has its evil doers too. contract flooring Dublin

We know of numerous cases where smaller companies have readily gone into liquidation at the drop of a hat, somewhat than correct a severe problem under a guarantee.

A high percentage of problems are linked to poor surface preparation. Usually these will only show up after having a number of months, by which time the company is repaid. 

The response you receive when striving to get a builder returning to correct a screwing up floor is the first indication of the quality, or otherwise, with their company

It is recognized that smaller contractors, with their low overheads, will generally be cheaper than the medium-sized, and bigger contractors. Due to personal participation of the proprietors, usually towel hands themselves, most will provide a good personal service.

Whilst all goes well, a customer will undoubtedly save money by using the littlest players in the industry, but when the down sides come up, the mobile suddenly moves unanswered.

Current software permits a decent looking web-site to be constructed within 24 hours. This could include pictures of the most wonderful floors that the rogue contractor ripped off another website, or electronically increased photographs of any floor they happened after.

I recommend that you keep in mind that a site is a digital combo of 1’s and 0’s, and can be put jointly by an eight season old.

In your search for a contractor, always request a couple of references and cell phone numbers, and FOLLOW THEM UP! Inquiries liks ‘Can you show me a job of similar size which you have done? ‘, ‘Can you give me the name and number of a material manufacturer who can attest to you? ‘, ‘Are you a member of an Investment Federation? If not, why not? ‘

Don’t be fooled by appearances, treat the cheapest price with suspicion, and do your digging before you place orders.

Cheapest is not always best! A serious, nationalised company decided to advance the floor to a prestigious London property. The representatives called in 3 contractors.

Two were big reputable contractors, the third a small/medium company who had never completed a job 1/10th as big as this 9000 pillow metre in situ terrazzo project.

Consultants assessed the contract period as half a dozen months, after discussions with several specialist contractors. Mainly because they were considerably less costly, small contractor won the contract.

It was common knowledge in floors sectors that successful bidder was incapable of carrying away this contract. After two years, the contractor gone into liquidation, taking two other companies with them.

There was not one square metre of floor which the client regarded acceptable. A specialist advisor drew up a repair spec, and this was released to six companies. Two were flooring technicians, and 4 were cleaning companies!!

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