Even though it would not be until the 19th century that anybody actually set ft . on the continent of Antarctica, it was a land that ancient ethnicities already “knew” existed. travel to Antarctica Antarctica

A lot of ancient cultures figured it had to exist as a method of balancing the weight of Europe and The african continent. The ancient Greeks, who knew about the Arctic or North Pole, believed there had to be an anti-North Pole or anti-Arctic. Actually they offered Antarctica thier name.

Popular explorer Captain Cook, better known for his more temperate discoveries in the South Pacific and The hawaiian islands, almost uncovered Antarctica if he cruised within kilometers than it but never actually sighted land (or recognized that which was there).

It was not until 1820 that Antarctica was really sighted and a few more years later until anyone were able to set foot on the continent. The real discoverer of Antarctica remains somewhat in dispute, but suffice it to say that they were more considering the fur investment than scientific exploration. 

Coat seals were a strong appeal to bring hardy trappers to the harshest local climate on earth. These carried away hunters almost drove the fur seals to defunctness, but not before the Antarctic climate caused a few of the pelt traders to become vanished themselves.

The continent today is a land of superlatives. It’s not merely the coldest put on globe (colder by far than the North Pole). It is also the driest (which is paradoxical since it consists of 90 percent of the earth’s ice), the windiest, and the highest (in conditions of average elevation).

Antarctica receives so little average gross annual precipitation that its stark interior targets as the world’s major desert. It also has active volcanoes, several types of indigenous plants and animals, and a near-permanent settlement of non permanent residents, mainly conducting scientific research.

Today, it’s also a vacation destination. True, is actually not a typical holiday break spot. Few people relax by see the harshest, most extreme climate zone on earth. But for excitement travelers, it is a great location to visit.

Industrial cruise lines run regular, if only occasional, trips there and cruising Antarctica is a wonderful way to see it. Yet , even the most stalwart adventure vacationer has to make credits for the Antarctic.

To begin with, it’s daylight all of the time or not at all, with regards to the season. Second, sunburn can be as much of a problem as frostbite since the glare from the ice and snow makes going outside treacherous. Vision protection is a complete requirement since snow blindness can permanently damage the sight. With high winds and frequent storms, flights is dicey at best.

Aircraft can and do soar surrounding the region, but plans are almost impossible since everything depends on the weather.

Technically, the everlasting population of Antarctica is zero, but there is certainly actually a near long lasting negotiation of men and women who come to Antarctica on a momentary most basic to live, study, work, conduct research, or even just play tourist. Just lately, Ann Curry of the Today Show visited the South Pole as such a visitor.

The facilities for residents are limited at best, but growing. Today, there are even a few people who can actually claim to have been born in Antarctica.

The future of Antarctica is guarded zealously with a group of nations who signed a treaty to protect this last continent from all varieties of exploitation. Scientific studies permitted, even encouraged, but it must be done in ways that do little damage to the delicate ecosystem of this harsh region.

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