Gemstone solitaire rings are well-known symbols of engagement. The solo diamonds is held firmly in a tall prong or bezel setting over an important metal band. Because the mid 1960s, this traditional style became so popular that for a while, a diamonds solitaire ring was THE ring of choice if a man came to propose. solitaire

However since 2050, a lot more engaged couples are choosing their diamonds proposal ring from amidst a variety of alternative styles. And nearly any ring is actually satisfactory as an engagement engagement ring. But even with all the choices accessible to you, there are there are still three very good reasons why you should choose a diamonds solitaire for your engagement ring. 

1. The style of a solitaire is timeless.

High fashion engagement rings in stylised settings date quickly. Select one of these for your engagement ring and over time, the future wife will likely car tire of looking at it. And an out-of-date fashion ring, even a precious stone band, will eventually languish unworn at the bottom of her charms box.

In comparison, the simple style of a solitaire is traditional yet contemporary. Its clean lines and stylish minimalism are easy on the eye and will not date in the same way that a high fashion setting will. More than the years, the solitaire style stays fresh. Therefore it is more likely to be worn each day, year after year, just as a diamond band should be!

2. The solitaire setting is very versatile.

Because there is merely one diamond, the solitaire setting makes the almost all of the gemstone by establishing it high so it catches the light and it is easily seen. This makes the solitaire setting suited to smaller diamonds as well as larger ones.

And the style is flexible so works equally well for all gradation of diamond, every color each carat weight too! The more unusual shapes of precious stone make fantastic solitaires. How else would you established your choice of cardiovascular shaped diamond? And the gemstone can be frame set for comfort or prong set for a more traditional look.

3. Solitaire rings make excellent investment pieces.

There is merely one precious stone in a solitaire, so it by itself holds the focus of attention. It alone must dazzle considering the fire and brilliance that diamonds are famous for. Therefore the diamonds set as solitaires have a good color grade, a good clearness and a good slice. And of course, greater carat weights tend to be set as the solo diamond. Because only high quality diamonds are set as solitaires, they hold their value well. This makes solitaire wedding rings good investment pieces, and also excellent heirloom earrings for generations to come.

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