Athlete’s Foot is a very painful, unsightly, and unforgiving fungus of the feet. It is called “Athlete’s Foot” because it is usually spread by bacterias available on gym flooring surfaces, in gym showers, and on gym equipment. A great way to avoid it is to never go to a gym barefooted, and always wear shower shoes or flip-flops in the bathe and locker room. Thus, does Vicks help feet fungus, or is it a myth? what’s good for toenail fungus

Toe Toenail Fungus is No Enjoyable

The condition is related to ringworm of the foot or, “tinea pedis”. Common symptoms include climbing, itching, flaking, and damaged between the toes and also red, dry bottoms. If you were unlucky enough to acquire caught it, you might be looking for a cheaper, more natural solution than an expensive prescription or higher the counter drug with manufactured ingredients. 

Natural Toenail Fungus infection Remedies

There are many home cures to treat Athlete’s Foot. Some suggest placing the feet in a mixture of one part vinegar to four parts water twice a day while other recommend bringing out the infected area with hydrogen peroxide twice a day for about times depending on severity.

Dealing with Nail Fungus

Another feasible solution is to use Vick’s Vapor-rub that will answer the question, “Does Vicks help foot infection? “. Most households have this to treat neck infection, cough, and allergic reaction symptoms. Vick’s has recently been associated numerous crazy remedies, including eating a scoopful when feelings of a cold come up. Making use of it to cure Athlete’s Foot will probably be much easier to swallow, pardon the pun. The recommended way to use Vick’s to cure fungus nails is to coat the afflicted area with a solid spread of Vick’s: put in a plastic cover or cotton wrap, secure tightly, and wear for some hours. This process should be done twice a day until the disease is fully gone. Reports show that the infected area may discolor, especially under toe nails, but do not be alarmed, that is the Vick’s killing the disease. It should take up to a week to start out seeing results.

Toe Fungus infection Treatment that Works

Several speculate over what is in Vick’s to cause the healing of the infection. The three main ingredients are: camphor, eucalyptus oil, and menthol. Seeing that the biggest way to irritate athlete’s foot is to let it inhale and exhale, it can be the menthol which is the biggest help, since menthol opens up the pores and allows air to pass through.

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