Oracle Education announced the pension of several documentation songs on March 13, including both the OCA and OCP-level 9i database supervision certifications. Release 9i has been effectively obsolete since the release of Oracle 10g in 2003, so the retirement of those songs is due. With the retirement, none of the exams leading to either of the 9i accreditations will be available after July 31, 2013. The specific exams being out of production are: 70-533 dumps

1Z0-007: Summary of Oracle9i: SQL Dumps
1Z0-031: Oracle9i Database: Fundamentals My spouse and i
1Z0-032: Oracle9i Database: Fundamentals 2
1Z0-033: Oracle9i Database: Functionality Tuning
Oracle professionals that are pursuing the Oracle 9i DBA track have been asking what result this retirement will have on the process of obtaining their certification. The impact of the headline and what actions you should take rely on where you currently are in the qualification process.

In the event that you have your 9i OCP Certification — For those who have already passed all of the tests and submitted their hands-on training paperwork, the retirement of the 9i track means nothing at all. Oracle certifications and exam results do not expire when an exam is out of production.
If you have completed all of the examinations, but have not used the training — Oracle will not grant the OCP accreditation until your training has been completed and the paperwork published. No training vendor is likely to offer 9i classes after the cut-off date, which suggests you should really schedule and take the required hands-on training before July thirty first if you would like to complete your 9i OCP.
For those who have the 9i OCA — Intended for applicants who have completed the OCA certification, there are two exams (1Z0-032, and 1Z0-033), plus a hands-on training course that must be taken to become an Oracle 9i OCP. Both exams must be used before July thirty first. As noted above, the training is unlikely to be available there after time either. If you want to complete your 9i OCP, there is little time to waste.
In the event that you have not yet begun working towards the OCP — If you have not yet started out to plan for your Oracle DBA documentation track, then I would recommend seeking a release newer than 9i. You are likely to be used up of time before completing certain requirements for the 9i OCP. The 10G track as well available for a few years and the 11G track will likely be available for another 10.
For prospects which have their 9i Associate certification, changing to the Professional-level has value beyond only the increased prestige. There is no upgrade path for OCA certifications. However, changing OCP certifications to the next release requires a single test and has no training requirement. This kind of means that if you become an Oracle 9i Database Administrator Certified Specialist, then one exam (1Z0-040) will upgrade your qualifications to include Oracle 10G. Another test (1Z0-050) will change your credentials to 11G. Later this year, Oracle will release 12C. For that time, a test will be made available to upgrade to 12C (presumably 1Z0-060). Becoming an Oracle Certified Professional supervisor and keeping your qualifications current is a strong indicator that you are knowledgeable in the Oracle database and committed to keeping your skills current.

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