As time passes I have experienced tenting in many different settings. Weather conditions can play a huge role in the results of a successful camping trip. Growing up in Son Scouts and now in leadership by using a Christian based Scouting program Royal Rangers, I have come to appreciate “great” camping gear. Providing quality gear for the kid’s helps them experience all the outdoors is offering, and makes for a more pleasurable experience. Best canvas tents 2018

I have always preferred canvas camping tents, they have a reputation for long lasting performance, and with proper attention and storage you could easily use a painting tent for many years. There were a few rules we had to adhere to when I was a boy, like not coming in contact with the canvas from the inside of the covering while it was pouring, as it would cause the rain to penetrate through the canvas material creating a moisture problem inside the tent, but with the latest in painting technology this has halted to be a problem. The boys can touch the inside of the tent all they like, as boys do, and they’ll not wick or leak water. They are made with Hydra-Shield painting, which is custom sewn treated canvas, a dual fill (two threads turned together) and a silicone-based saturation treatment that is water tight, breathable and sturdy, for superior water proof & strength. The old traditional single thread fabric tents were, light place canvas with paraffin or oil-based treatment applied straight to the outside of the canvas. This would wear off and need to be re-applied more often to maintain water proof.

When it comes to the purchase of a canvas tent, I actually recommend checking out our great selection of Kodiak Canvas tents. Experience for yourself how enjoyable tenting can be around a high quality canvas camping tent.

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