There are many of hair treatments like coloring, highlighting, curling, calming available in salons today. Many might even have tried all of them or at least some of them depending on the needs. One common aspect about all these treatments is that they are chemical based. Chemical treatments although might provide sufficient results, in the long term it is not good for the health of the mind of hair. Subjecting the hair often to these treatments will damage the feel of the curly hair and may cause incomponible harm. It is understandable that some services like coloring is unavoidable but there is always an option to go for chemical free treatments as much as possible. Brazilian Straight Hair

Brazilian Keratin Locks treatment is one such revolutionary hair straightening strategy which is free from chemicals and mainly structured on keratin. Keratin is an extremely strong proteins the industry major component in skin, hair, teeth and nails. It restores ruined hair and adds volume level to the hair. Various people have endorsed better hair quality after getting this treatment done. Best hair straightening is suited to all hair types and functions best on chemically treated hair. It makes the hair soft and silky without creating any side-effects or damage to the hair.

Brazilian keratin hair treatment is not a long lasting straightening technique. The end result will usually lasts between 3-5 months and after this the hair will return to its natural self without damaging the hair in anyway. The cost of this treatment would range from 300$ to 400$ depending on span of the hair. Following the treatment hair should be washed with special sodium chloride free hair shampoo and conditioner specific to the keratin treatment. The price of a huge bottle of this shampoo may cost 35$. The entire program process will take around installment payments on your 5hrs to 3hrs.

In contrast to Japanese straightening or arctic reconditioning in Brazilian frizzy hair straightening technique the curly hair is not going to become poker direct following your treatment. Many wish to have straight curly hair with a little influx and bounce which is the highlight of Best treatment. Although for the first 3 days after the treatment, the locks might appear flat but once it is laundered and dried you’ll be impressed at the soft and silky texture of the head of hair. Following the treatment strictly for 72hrs you should not wet hair, no dampness should are exposed to the hair and you should not tie your hair or tuck it behind the ear as this may distort the condition of the curly hair.

Managing the head of hair after the keratin hair treatment is very easy and hassle-free. You just need to blow-dry the head of frizzy hair and style it or simply let it stay open. This is one treatment for many who don’t have time to maintain their hair and make numerous visits to the beauty salon to style it. You will find it so convenient to take care of hair which will simply be more beautiful, healthy and packed with volume. Best hair straightening is a welcome relief from all the harsh chemical treatments as well as your hair is sure to reap its benefits.

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