Boombox 2 is a puzzler somewhere near Tetris but closer to super bubble pop. You fire hindrances from your cannon at the bottom to hook up to the blocks at the top of the screen. Once four pads are linked they rush and clear from the screen. Additional strategy comes in the form of power ups. Power ups occasionally fall from pads as they explode. The overall game comes equipped with two different modes one games and one story. The only difference is history mode the goal is to clear the display screen and in arcade method the screen keeps approaching down. You already know when the blocks from the top cross your line at the bottom level. The line isn’t actually at the end, it’s a little above your actual marker so you have a little breathing room.¬†Guns of Boom Hack


Boombox 2 is a very fun game but only in small spurts. The game doesn’t reach too far away from its roots. You blast the blocks they hit up and repeat. This kind of shallow play only will maintain your attention for but so long. On top of like a good looking game the music suits the game well and requirements fx are great. Minor tweaks would have made this game a big hit. Perhaps a change in scenery or a higher reward yield for gaining levels and Boombox 2 is a must play. If you’re buying good time waster between work or simply a quick break Boombox 2 is the route to go.

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