As I consider every one of the detachments of God ever, all the immense and moving pioneers who left their blemish on earth: I understand that every one of them made them thing in like manner: they really BELIEVE in their MESSAGE Without DOUBT; they trusted in it so much that they were eager to DIE for it and the greater part of them did.

Their demise achieved upsets lead by their supporters who ensured that THEIR MESSAGE lives on.

Is DEATH unnerving? Indeed it is anyway it is not as unnerving as carrying on with a dull and good for nothing life

Do you FEEL like you have a MESSAGE or a Purpose you were trusted with? 

In the event that you do and are aware of its reality: the time has come to DELIVER it other than the FEAR, other than the Prosecution on the grounds that trust me your prosecutors will appear to Break your Spirit in any capacity they can; in the event that they can kill you, trust me they will!

It is safe to say that you will be indicted? Truly you will; the inquiry is; will you surrender or will you remain in your energy and put your life hanging in the balance?

I trust I have a message, a message of unequivocal love, a message of recuperating, a message of freedom, a message of flexibility, a message of solidarity for ladies, a message of transcendence for ladies with a reason, a message to lead my kindred goddesses to convey their messages and LIVE up to their most elevated their potential which is actually endless.

A message to enable them To mend Poverty from inside, make unbounded plenitude and riches and remain as genuine cases of what is really workable for us to accomplish as people; a message to enable them to sparkle their lights, smash their confinements and live as lit up creatures.

My conviction is that I don’t have a decision in conveying my message so I talk my fact.

I am still on my excursion and I am as yet clearing, recuperating, learning and developing anyway, I AM AWAKE and arousing to the excellence of the I AM inside me each and every day.

I respect each morning as a blessing and a chance to Be superior to the day preceding, more grounded, more fearless and focused on my message.

I am completely dedicated to convey my message and will keep on doing so to my final gasp

I am not apprehensive of passing on, I trust it is smarter to be dead at that point be a “living dead”.

The magnificence of life is that “you have options”; so you get the chance to pick whether to stay where you are and never recognize what it genuinely feels to Be a genuine Messenger of God and live like one or you can join the Goddess Revolution and sparkle like the genuine goddess you are, driving, supporting, instructing and having a tremendous effect in the lives of those you are called to serve.

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