Who have said that you need to have a robust look in order to look manly? If you are a man and you have to have a great hairstyle, here are several of the cool styles that you should consider going for: http://www.fluxmagazine.com/cool-hairstyles-for-men-2018/

Caesar Cut

This is a popular cut where you cut the frizzy hair short on the attributes, but leave longer frizzy hair on the side the head. The good thing with this style is that it can easy to maintain; therefore, if you are a busy man, you will have a very easy time maintaining it. 

The style also makes your hair very easy to spike by using a cream or styling gel. You can achieve the spiked look within a very brief time and the look will remain in place the complete day with little or no maintenance.

Covered Up

It’s similar to the Caesar cut only that the hair that you leave is a little bit longer. In the event that you have great locks and also you want it to be easy to take care of, this is your lifestyle. As mentioned, you will have a very easy time maintaining the hair by using a pomade or gel. The good thing is that the style is suitable for both everyday and official occasions.

Aspect pompadour

Do you want a special look? This kind of is your style. The cool thing is that the style is well suited for hair of various lengths. To keep the style in position you should use pomade.

Side Portion

This is a sexy style that is well suited for you if you have long curly hair that you may easily attract over. While you need to have long locks in order to achieve an excellent look, you should remember that you will be able to achieve your look in a very short time. All you need to do is to part your locks on the side of the head and then sweep it over to one side. You may go with the right or left part.


There are plenty of variations of this style that you can go with. For instance, you can go with the fade, choppy side part or any other style that you find well suited for you.

Bottom line

These are some of the best hairstyles for you as a man. Now you can to choose the the one which appears good on you. Intended for ideal results you should ensure flowing hair is done by a professional barber.

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